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It all started when I was a child. I guess I was roughly at the age of 12 when I realized that my toolbox had already exceeded that of my father.
Ever since, I have carpentered objects such as my tree house, which was also equipped with a self-made interior. Being so passionate about creating things from scratch at such a young age my professional pathway was laid early – I became a cabinetmaker and shifted my talent for product development to a profession. Having mastered the craft of making furniture, I wanted to learn more, which is why I studied object design at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, from which I graduated in 2016.
Eventually, I took on several projects and got the opportunity to work abroad, e.g., in London and New York, where I focused on exclusive interior accessories.

After all these years, it still fascinates me to combine the design of objects with the handcraft itself to produce aesthetic prototypes from sources like wood, metal, and ceramics utilizing classical and novel production methodologies.
This convergence is crucial to me and resulted in only one logical consequence: the foundation of “Markus Hangartner Produktdesign”.